"Learning how to cycle properly makes cycling much more enjoyable and safer for everyone - children, adults and other road users" CTC the UK's national cyclists' organisation

Cycle lessons for adults

Not been out on your bike for years? - Don't think that you want to mix it with the traffic on today's roads?

I can help with confidence building sessions, one to one or in small groups.

Need help finding the safest way to cycle from home to work?

Have a route planning session with a qualified cycling instructor.

Worried about getting a puncture?

Basic cycle maintenance sessions covering emergency roadside repairs could be all you need.

Can't ride a bike? or Not been on one for years?

I have successfully taught very nervous adults to ride. Why not work your way through the three levels of the National Standard cycle training course. Choose what you want to learn and I will tailor lessons to suit.

What are the levels of lesson?

Beginner - These lessons take place off road and cover how to walk with a bike, getting on/off, starting and stopping and making the cycle go where the trainee wishes to go.

Level 1 - These lessons take place off road assume that the trainee has mastered the basics of riding the cycle and wants to improve their basic cycle control skills including starting, stopping, fine control, looking and signalling. It will also cover basic road positioning and simulate simple manouvers.

Level 2 - Lessons take place on quiet local roads such as housing estates and other similar roads with low traffic volumes. Sessions will cover the main manoeuvres needed when cycling on these roads including passing side roads and parked cars, turning left and right into and out of side roads and U-turns.

Level 3 - This course assumes a pass at level 2 otherwise the level 2 skills must be included as part of this course. In this course more complex and busy road situations will be covered. These will include multi lane roads, traffic lights and roundabouts both large and small. Local road features such as traffic calming and other specifics will be covered. This course will also include route planning between places chosen by the client and will include such routes as home to work, home to gym or town centre etc.

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